What does Skëdagø Mean?

First, how do you pronounce it? Skay-dah-go.

OK, but what does it mean? "Make it happen today."

And, where does the name come from? Read below 👇

While creating my product, I knew I wanted a name that would reflect my mission and my "why" for developing the product and starting my company. I wanted a name that would convey a sense of living in the moment, and combining our highest aspirations with the steps we are able to take in the now. So I looked to the Swedish language for inspiration. Why? 

While I am not of Swedish origin, I admire the Swedish culture's focus on balance. A Swedish concept called "Lagom" means not too little and not too much - just the right amount. We all know that feeling of satisfaction when we get something just right. We feel aligned with ourselves and the universe. 

Skëdagø aims to fill a gap in the market between products containing excessive sugar and those containing no sugar, but fill the gap by using sweeteners that are often highly chemically processed. I wanted Skëdagø to be real. Real in the sense of close to the source ingredients, and real in the sense that there is a balance to life. While too much sugar is definitely detrimental to our health, this doesn't translate to no sugar is the answer. 

We can hope and plan and wish all day long, but today, right now, is the moment when action occurs. We need a realistic way to stay hydrated. A way that combines flavor, clean ingredients, and the science of hydration. Combining the words "ske", to happen, and "dag", day, Skëdagø means Make it Happen Today. We don't want to dwell on the past and what could have been, and we don't want to spend time projecting into the future, wondering what will be. Real life happens now, in this moment. 

And that is how the name Skëdagø came to be. Balance, alignment, and authenticity. Make it Happen Today. 

To your good health,

Dr. Becky


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