What Do You Want to Be in 2021?

What do you want to be in 2021?

What three words sum up your aspirations for this year?

When we asked ourselves this question, we came up with the following three things: 

1) Strong 💪
2) Free 🙌
3) Effective ✅

STRONG - Skëdagø removes one of the most significant and ignored barriers to your strength - hydration. By getting the water where it needs to go in your cells, Skëdagø makes sure you are focused and energized to face the mental and physical hurdles of each day.

FREE - We keep our ingredients as close to the source as possible, so you are free from the additives and residue from chemical processing agents that you don't want in your body. Skëdagø has no artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, binding agents, anti-clumping agents, and Rebaudioside A (aka Stevia). You work hard to keep toxins and chemicals out of your body -- they shouldn't be hiding in your hydration powders.

EFFECTIVE - Our hydration solution works hard for you. Skëdagø is designed to give you just enough sugar (unrefined, organic cane sugar) and sodium (Himalayan pink salt) to activate the sodium-glucose pump - which is basically like a fast pass to hydration. The sodium-glucose pump gets the water into the bloodstream from the intestine fast. When it gets into your cells, you start to feel hydration working, not when it's sitting in your stomach. ✅

That's what Skëdagø has to offer you in 2021. Strong, free, and effective. What is it that you want to be this year?


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